Planning A Photography Trip - Summary

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Planning A Photography Trip – Summary

So in summary – preparation and planning will ensure your trip goes smoothly. Packing spares and more than you think you will need should cover most eventualities, and make sure someone knows where you are at all times.

Print a copy of your itinerary and keep it in the car, put postcodes and location details on it so it is easy to refer to when inputting to your satnav. Know where fuel garages are and fill up when you get to quarter of a tank at any point – always make sure you have enough fuel to get back from your last location to base each day. Back up each night regardless of what time you get back, and prepare your food for the following day before you go to bed.

Grab extra sleep in your car during the day when you can. If shooting the golden hours, especially in the Summer, you will be up from around 0300 until 2300 each day so stay safe and sleep when you can. I have even taken a nap on location at a beach, on a mountain, up a hill, etc whilst waiting for the light or weather to co-operate.
Have back up plans for the unforeseen. Bad weather may stop you going up a mountain so know the local area for another location to go to for the day. Road closures, or even location closures can also change your plans.

Be flexible and roll with whatever happens on each day. Your plan is an “ideal” list of events you want to happen, sometimes it won’t go perfectly. On every trip I have made there has been something to cause a change in plans – in most cases the weather not being what I hoped it would. Worst case was four days in Lake District and only visiting one location for a couple of hours over a four day weekend – but at least I got to wind down and get lots of sleep at base!

Whatever happens, enjoy yourself. You have worked hard to get there, done lots of planning and research so don’t let unforeseen changes hamper you, stay positive and hope thing will get better. After all, if they don’t, there is always the next trip…..
Many thanks for reading.

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