Planning A Photography Trip - Clothing

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Rhosilli Bay, Gower
Planning A Photography Trip – Clothing

Similarly to equipment, I will over pack on what I think I will need. If going for four days over a weekend I will pack six pairs of trousers for the days plus jeans or casual trousers for any down time back at base. I will pack ten shirts, base layers for during the days plus casual shirts for down time. Five or six fleece tops or jumpers, three or four soft shell jackets/tops plus two waterproof jackets (depending on time of year). Double the number of socks you think you will need (including two or three spare pairs kept in the car – nothing worse than driving back to base in wet socks). I take shoes, trainers, pair hiking shoes, pair of waterproof leather hiking boots and a pair of lightweight hiking boots. Take a spare towel to keep in the car (see above re; socks). Two pairs of gloves, two beanie hats and one baseball cap plus sunglasses.

When I leave base each day I will make sure that I have in the car; towel, spare socks, all footwear, spare trousers, extra jumpers, base layers, jackets, etc. On a couple of occasions I have got so wet I have had to completely change my clothing when getting back to my car before driving back to base, and I was so glad that I had everything in the car. Apart from the discomfort of driving soaking wet I probably would have become quite seriously ill as well.

Next post looks at researching the weather, tides and sun times and positions.

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