Planning A Photography Trip - Time of Year

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A typical Summer landscape in England
Planning A Photography Trip – Time of Year
This post turns the post about locations on its head. This is where you are purely driven to try and show the landscape and how the seasons effect it. Obviously, different locations will show the effects of the seasons in different ways. Autumn colour is going to be difficult to represent in a coastal shot where there is no foliage or flora, and a bluebell wood is difficult to photograph with a mountain lake.
Choosing where to shoot to show a specific season will probably take more research than usual, and will be more likely to take you over a wider geographical area. It is easier to choose locations within an area than it is to select specific locations within an area. For example, to shoot coastal shots you could probably select five different locations within a ten mile stretch of coast. However, try to locate five decent bluebell woods within ten miles of each other – it will more likely be within fifty miles of each other, if not more.
Different types of locations will show different seasons better;
• Spring – flowers, tulips, bluebells, daffodils, woods, forests, fields, etc.
• Summer – sunflowers, hay bales, seaside, beach, lavender, etc.
• Autumn – forests, woods, abstract close ups, colour reflected in lakes, etc.
• Winter – mountains, frozen lakes, barren snow covered fields, etc.
The next blog post will cover the logistics of a photography trip.

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