Planning A Photography Trip - Style of Images

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Planning A Photography Trip - Style of Images
How many landscape styles are there within the genre? Representational or realistic where your images are an accurate reflection of what you saw (avoiding arguments about dynamic range, saturation, etc), Impressionistic or Creative where effects such as long exposures can give you an altered image of what you saw e.g. milky waves as opposed to the crashing waves you actually saw, and abstract where you pick out certain elements in a landscape and present it in a way that would not normally be considered.
You can then factor in different techniques or methods such as long exposure, HDR, exposure blending, shallow depth of field, tilt and shift effect, wide angle, fisheye, focus stacking, etc. Whatever style you want to achieve, certain locations will give you improved opportunities to achieve the images you want. The obvious example to use is milky waves over rocks – so you have to go to the coast!
You should also consider what alternative images you can also create at different locations. Using the coast as an example, you may want long exposure milky sea images but whilst there the waves could be crashing high and using fast shutter speeds could give you excellent images of breaking waves over rocks.
Using inland locations will still give you options. A countryside grand vista from the top of a hill can be both representational to show what you saw, or with the use of filters you can also create impressionistic long exposure images of streaking clouds and trees and plants moving in the wind, or use a shallow depth of field to draw the viewer’s eye to where you want in the image.
You need to be aware of any equipment or methods for creating the style of imagery you want to achieve e.g. neutral density filters for long exposure work.
The next post will cover Time of Year trips.

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