Planning A Photography Trip - Locations

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Planning A Photography Trip - Locations
There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of photography tours and workshops available to be booked in the UK ranging from the Scottish Highlands to the Peak District to Cornwall (including my own workshops!). However, with some research and planning you can save considerable amounts of money and achieve the images you want. But if you enjoy the group workshops and tours, or do not have the time or resources to complete the planning yourself, then a workshop or tour may be exactly what you want – they tend to visit the iconic locations and the trainers/hosts can provide a lot of guidance and advice on how to achieve good images at each location.
My advice would be that if you feel you are a competent landscape photographer, and are comfortable in your own company, then spend the time planning and researching your own trip. Not only will you save money but the trip is tailored to what you want and you do not have to worry about anyone else, or what they may want to do.
So, how do you identify where you want to go? I always find that our National Parks are a great place to start ( and even give you some ideas of the best locations for photography. However, there are several iconic locations not included within our National Parks e.g. Jurassic Coast in Dorset (think Kimmeridge, Durdle Door, etc), Cornwall, Gower Peninsula, Cotswolds, Chilterns, and most of Devon and all of Somerset.
A Google search of “UK landscape photography locations” returns approximately 1.7 million pages. How you narrow this down is entirely up to you; by distance/time to travel to, type of location e.g. sea, countryside, mountains, etc – you decide. Once you do have it narrowed down then do another Google search for that area. Use Google Maps to pin the locations to see how they are in relation to each other geographically and from there you can start to see travel times between locations and start planning individual days for your trip.
If anyone would like a copy of my locations database (currently approximately 570 locations in UK in Excel format, please drop me an email using the “Contact Us” page).
That’s about if for this post. The next post will look at Photography Trip Style of Images.

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