Planning A Photography Trip

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Dragon's Back. Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill in Peak District National Park.
Planning A Photography Trip
Several times per year I will venture on a photography trip/tour by myself to suit what I want to achieve. Sometimes it is dictated by location (somewhere I just want to go), sometimes by time of year (e.g. I want some Autumn colour images or mountains in snow images) and other times by the type or style of image I want to create (e.g. long exposure moody sky milky sea images).
My most recent trips have been to the Lake District, Peak District (twice), Dorset and Brecon Beacons National Park. I should also point out that I am classifying a photography trip as at least one night away from home, but in most cases a long weekend or a whole week. I have planned Cornwall in September and next year I plan to visit the Lake District again, the Northumberland coast, Norfolk and either Snowdonia or Brecon Beacons (both of which I have visited numerous times).
I maintain my own UK locations database which details specific locations, county, postcodes, which maps to use, nearby locations, etc. I collate this information from locations seen in magazines, my own research and photography books.
There are numerous factors to be considered when planning a trip other than locations, time of year or style on images. Also to be researched and planned; accommodation, travel, accessibility, car parking, equipment, eating, clothing, safety, cost of everything (accommodation, fuel, food), hidden costs (car parks, ferries, tolls, etc), weather forecasts, tide times, sunrise and sunset times, sun directions, and back up plans and locations.
To avoid this post being long and boring I will be splitting this across several posts on this blog, going into detail to ensure I can share my experiences so people can benefit from them.
The next post will be looking at identifying locations to visit.

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