Landscape Workshops

Workshop Contents

Workshop Content

All workshops can be tailored to suit individuals or groups, but as a basis and guideline, the following topics will generally be covered in depth, with additional time given where necessary;

• Exposure and metering
• Focus, depth of field and hyper-focal distance
• ISO, aperture and shutter speed relationships
• Reading the histogram
• Composition rules and guidelines
• Using filters
• Lens choice
• Location research

One day workshops will visit a minimum of two locations but ideally three. Two day workshops will visit a minimum of four locations but ideally seven locations. Different plans are made for each season dependent of sunrise and sunset times, weather, tide times, travel times, etc. All plans are subject to change on the day subject to the above but every reasonable effort will be made to achieve the agreed upon plans.

Included in the cost of your workshop is the following;
• Training from qualified and award winning published landscape photographer
• Travel around locations for whole day/s
• Lunch is included for each day
• Pre-workshop communications regarding what you want to achieve from the workshop
• Post-workshop critique of your images from the day
• PDF supplied covering each topic in depth for you to keep
• 10% discount for future workshops

Not included;
Cost of any accommodation
Cost of travel to and from your home to accommodation
Any incremental costs incurred by attending the workshop